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Why Clean Hydraulic Oils ?

Reason 1 :
70% of machinery failures occur due to contamination in oils. Particles less than 7 micron size are proven to create the most damage but there is no provision in any hydraulic systems to remove these as it makes machinery costly.

Reason 2 :
Just as metal and skin age due to exposure to oxygen, oils too get oxidized from atmospheric oxygen to form products of oxidation called varnish and sludge.
Presence of moisture in oil or water in oil due to condensation from atmosphere too leads to formation of complex soft contaminants. Continuous removal of varnish and moisture protects the oil additives which in turn increase life of the oil. Our Moisture removing hydraulic filters remove all free water in Oil. It removes sludge and varnish thereby extending oil life by almost three to four times.

Our Hydraulic oil cleaning machine and Hydraulic oil filtration system provides super clean oil. These are offline filtration machines available in the form of a Portable filter cart or portable Oil filtration trolley to achieve dual benefits - savings by way of reduced damage to hydraulic pumps valves motors - especially servo valves and also reduce your oil replacement costs by 1/3 to 1/4. For more information please write to us.

Contamination in oil is evaluated by measuring its ISO 4406 particle count or by cheaper method by conducting an Oil Patch test for a qualitative comparison.


Hydraulic Oil Filtration Filter Water Absorbing Type AL
Large type Filter type AL
Hydraulic Oil Filtration Filter Water Absorbing Type AS
Small size filter.
Hydraulic Oil Filtration Filter Water Absorbing Type AM
Medium Size Filter type AM
Filter Trolley