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Our portable filter cart can be summed up in just one word - Versatile

- Its a complete Filtration system - Yes complete because you do not need separate filters for removing particles and another one for removing moisture and yet another one for removing varnish and sludge. The filter will super clean the oil and protect not only precision high pressure piston pumps, servo and proportional valves but also protect the oil by removing free moisture, sludge and varnish. Also the high flow pump filters much faster.

- Its an Oil transfer unit - Use it to transfer new oil from oil drums so that your systems receive clean oil. Remember new oil from the refinery is not as clean as recommended by the Hydraulic OEM

- Its Filtration and Cooling system - If your system is overheating, we can add a cooler / heat exchanger and it becomes a cooling system.

Portable Filter Cart
Portable Filter Cart
More Features
Filter cart has even more features
The gear pump can handle thin to thick fluids.
Flow indicator
Flow indicator indicates life of the 3 micron filter besides a pressure guage
Oil sampling valve
Convenient oil sampling valve makes it easy for taking oil samples for sending to the lab for oil analysis
Gear Pump
Flow Indicator
Oil Sampling Valve
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Hydraulic Oil Filtration Filter Water Absorbing Type AL
Large type Filter type AL
Hydraulic Oil Filtration Filter Water Absorbing Type AS
Small size filter.
Hydraulic Oil Filtration Filter Water Absorbing Type AM
Medium Size Filter type AM
Filter Trolley
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