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What to measure
• Hydraulic oil Cleanliness:

Clean systems like Hydraulics, Transmissions and Compressors require clean oil for long life performance of these precision components.. Hydraulic Oil Cleanliness is specified with the help of an ISO 4406 particle count code. ISO Code indicates an approx. number of particles of sizes 4 micron / 6 micron/ 14 micron.

Oil Cleanliness Codes vary based on criticality of the component. Servo valves require cleaner fluid than gear pumps. Proportional valve require cleaner oil compared to a normal spool valve. Our hydraulic oil filtration system in the form of a portable filter cart working in the offline filtration mode will remove particles up to 1 micron nominal and 3 micron absolute.

• Moisture in Oil:
Oils are generally hydroscopic and absorb moisture due to condensation from temperature changes. Transformer oils can be allowed no more than 20 ppm whereas engine oils can be allowed up to 2000 ppm. Gear oil may accept higher percentage of moisture but hydraulic oils must not allow more than 1000 ppm moisture. Lower the moisture acceptance level in an application, higher is the cost of removing moisture and maintaining it. Our moisture absorbing hydraulic Filters and Hydraulic oil Filter trolleyremoves moisture in the most cost effective manner.

• Acidity of Oil:
Life cycle of oils is measured by its acidity levels. Contaminants like moisture and products of oxidation (sludge and varnish) increase acidity of oil. Our filters will remove sludge and varnish naturally, maintaining the acidity like new oils increasing oil life by 3 to 4 times..

We offer hydraulic oil filtration system or Hydraulic oil cleaning machine in the form of a portable filter cart or portable filter trolley that operated in an offline filtration mode to keep your oils super clean.

ISO particle counting instruments are expensive for general industry to invest in. An Oil Patch test kit helps in qualitative measurement of levels of products of oxidation in the oil. We offer Patch test kit at very competitive rates.

We offer Oil analysis to Test above Parameters
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